The information for audiologists  on the LoopWisconsin website was completely rewritten.  I hope you find it useful in your efforts to loop your communities

Hearing loops have certainly been in the news lately. Perhaps you caught New York Times Front Page article ?   NPR weighed in a month later with a story on “All Things Considered”  “With The Flick Of A Switch, It’s Crystal Clear To Hear”   Audiologist Jay Sheehan wrote an excellent technical article  on Audiology Online. Hearing loops were also discussed by several other well-known authors such as David Kirkwood here and  here and Robert Trynor .

Read of Dave Myers’ efforts in the December American Psychological Association magazine Monitor on Psychology. Few know he has been working to loop America for 12+ years!  Thank you Dave!

In my next newsletter I will explain how someone looped her Toyota Prius to hear the radio and husband clearer. Stay tuned!

I wish you all Blessed Holidays!

Juliette Sterkens, AuD
Hearing Loop Advocate